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Long time
september 22 @ 2:11 pm

It's been quite some time since I've posted anything. Unfortunately, the only thing that's new is a 404 page. Yeah, I know. I've been trying to make some things, but they just aren't really turning out. You all know what I mean. Uhh, news? Well, Starcraft: Ghost has been announced. I'm not sure I like it, but I wasn't sure I'd like WarCraft III either, but it turned out to be extremely good. I found a new comic called Zeek which I really like, while Penny Arcade continues to crack the hot jokes and throw the hard punchlines. 10.2, anyone? It's better.

Hmm.. and I suppose that's it. I'm going back to bed.

Visions Past
august 11 @ 2:17 am

Made a new picture, called Visions Past. Take a look. My friend didn't really like it, but that's because he's a dirty, uncultured slob who doesn't understand art. He said, "You and your art." To which I replied, "It doesn't have to BE anything."

Unrelated is the fact that I have once again gotten myself into CheesyMUD.

august 8 @ 2:34 am


august 4 @ 8:16 pm

Well... my best friend for almost ten years passed away quite unexpectedly this morning. It was very shocking. I'm numb. I still can't believe that it happened. *shakes his head* You never know what a day may bring forth, as my dad says.

Little has changed
july 21 @ 9:34 pm

Not much happening lately. I've mostly just been working. No new pictures. A new writing, tho. Called Sleep With the Trance. It's a poem about how people never seem to want to show themselves to each other, and if you show the least bit of deeper emotion, true self, or thought, you get shunned.

Tables and slicing tutorial
july 13 @ 3:17 am

Holy kow, this tutorial was a pain to code up. Geez. But check it out over at tables and slicing. This happens to be my first tutorial. It's really long. It's a complicated subject. If you read the tutorial and you can't figure it out, or something doesn't make sense, or anything of the sort, please contact me and tell me all about it in livid detail.

Long time no see
july 6 @ 12:32 am

Wow, it's been a while since my last update. And... well, I made a picture, but it's so similar to everything else I've made, I just don't think I'm going to post it. If you want, you can go take a look at Certified Bomb. Have fun with that one. Man, someone at work got laid off today. I'm pretty shaken up about it, because it really, in all fairness, should have been me. I don't know...

june 26 @ 11:09 pm

Don't you hate it when somebody makes you look like a fool in front of everyone else? And then you try to resurrect the situation but you just fall deeper into your idiotic image? And nothing you can do or say can pull you out of the downward spiral?

june 22 @ 4:55 pm

I made Image earlier today. It's grungy. I like it. You may not. I also got back with my car. Turns out it's quite a long way from San Diego to Colorado. So I'm excited about that. I saw The Bourne Identity, it's fairly good. I also saw The Sum of All Fears, it's pretty bad.

On that road
june 16 @ 9:38 pm

Well, I'm out here in sunny San Diego. It's seventy degrees here. Heh, what a surprise. What am I doing out here, you ask? Why, I'm picking up my car. It's an '89 Thunderbird. Yeah, it's pretty speedy. How much did I pay for it, you ask? Why, nothing. Nothing at all. A friend is giving it to me. Lucky, you say? Why, I wouldn't call it luck. I'd calling it blessing from God. In other news, anyone have a high-quality Titanium PowerBook they'd like to sell me for CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP! only this SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! at the MONSTER TRUCK SHOW!

june 12 @ 11:06 pm

Geez, I just haven't been able to make anything cool lately. Well, correction, I have, but I did it on a friend's computer and so I don't have the file. Eh, maybe I'll snag it from him and post it. I was cooking up a new flash intro (realizing that the old one was stupid), but for some reason it renders wrong. I've got no idea why. I tried to write something, but no, that didn't work. I made a new site layout for work, but that sorta got rejected. Ugh, and I have to get up early tomorrow. On the plus side... I discovered how unrealistically fun it is to watch other people sit at their computers. Wow. What losers we have all become...

june 10 @ 2:08 pm

This picture, which is titled Rightness, is... I would possibly say soothing. It's similar to Integrated Feelings of Life, but quite different. I like it. But I'm not sure you will.

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