Feeling Strangely Fine

Today’s required reading: Amazing X-Ray Glasses from Sprint!
Note especially the paragraph about police brutalization. My breathing functionality was incapacitated upon parsing that. I read it several times, each time gleaning more and more from the precious, priceless words.

Thoughts in motion:

  • New iPod nano and its interface changes
  • Personal force fields and multiprocessing
  • Real wisdom, and the garnering thereof
  • The relation of the above two items
  • iTunes smart shuffling: an algorithm for determining what music you like

Those are topics floating around in my head right now which I would like to write full-fledged articles about.

You should listen to: “Right Now” by Mocean Worker on the album Enter the Mowo!.

3 thoughts on “Feeling Strangely Fine”

  1. Dude that blog was hilarous, it’s crazy the amount of companies that are so clueless to what is actually out there as compared to what they are putting out, and what are they putting out not so shiny pieces of crap, that’s what. Cool man, I enjoyed it top to bottom, especially the conclusion.

  2. my compliments to joel. he’s a very good blogger. … held my attention for a solid 10 minutes. oh, right. you said some good stuff too. ; )

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