Today’s required reading: Spamusement is a collection of real spam subject lines (poorly) drawn in comic format. Mostly clean, even if the subject line isn’t. Some of them are downright hilarious! By Steven Frank of Panic fame. In fact, I’m wearing this shirt right now, originally made famous by a picture that used to be posted with one of these essays, although it seems to have been removed by now. They don’t have the dates posted on those essays but they’re old, practically from when Panic started back in (I think) the mid-90’s… looks like they were about to release Transmit. Yikes! While Steven’s blog is good, I personally prefer Panic’s other founder’s blog, CABELOG, because so much of it resonates with me.

You should listen to: “Nouvelle Rouvenor Hero” from the EVE Online soundtrack. Available here for free!

3 thoughts on “Spamusement”

  1. That shirt is freakin’ sweet, i wish I was cool enough to wear it, but I am a CS drop out, and strangely feel pretty good about that. It was good hanging out with you this weekend man, take it easy.

  2. so many links, so little time. … and so few sites not blocked by work. i’ll have to read them later. ps i, too, am very fond of that shirt; you look absolutely stunning in it. ; ) for the same reason i fall in love with anyone in a “geek squad” vw bug.

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