See the original post for what’s going on here.

Here’s the way it works: Every time I post, I will include an acronym. You respond with your submission in the comments. I will pick the one I like best and post it next time; you will also get a point! At the end of the game (whenever it ends), the person with the most points wins a fabulous prize.

Levels: The current round will end when somebody reaches level 5!


  1. One submission per person. You may post multiple phrases but you need to pick which one you want entered. Keep in mind, however, that each phrase you post provides help to other players!
  2. Capitalize each word that corresponds to a letter in the acronym.

Small Words

The rules for small words are murky. You can count them as letters from the acronym or not, hence the rule for capitalizing each word the corresponds to an acronym letter. I was going to post a list of acceptable small words, but I decided that would be too much. You know whether it’s a small word. Besides, bending the rules is always fun.


Dan J 4.2105 Level: 2
eL 3.0074371 Level: 2
Kathlyn 2.6799999 Level: 4
Indo 2.3525 Level: 2
Cary 2.3 Level: 3
Kevin 2.25 Level: 1
El Charlito 1 Level: 0
Matt 1 Level: 0
Mike 1 Level: 0