February 21, 2009 11:50 am

I speak in many tongues to many men;
Argue with angels and I always win,
But I don’t know the first thing about love.
I prophesy and know all mysteries;
All hidden things are opened up to me,
But I don’t know the first thing about love.
I have the keys to open any door;
I give all of my possessions to the poor,
But I don’t know the first thing about love.
And moving mountains ain’t no thing to me;
I’ve faith enough to cast them to the sea,
But I don’t know the first thing about love.
But all other things shall fade away;
While love stands alone and still holds sway.
All other things shall fade away;
Into the ground into the grey.
I give my body up unto the flames;
And never once have I denied your name,
But I don’t know the first thing about love.
I don’t know the first thing about love.

My boy Cary mentioned Thrice to me the other day, and seeing as how I had a gift card to Best Buy, I picked up the second half of The Alchemy Index. Four CDs, each a different element, and each a different musical style. From what Cary says, Thrice used to be pretty much NTACs, but with this project they stepped it up. CD 3 is “Air”, and was strongly mediocre for the first two listens. However, CD 4, “Earth”, is quite good; there is a song called Moving Mountains, the lyrics to which are above. If it seems familiar, it should; it’s from 1 Corinthians 13. At the start of chapter 13, Paul has just finished berating the Corinthians for being concerned about the wrong things. They were at odds with each other because people had different talents and roles, and some were seen as better than others. But in chapter 13, Paul says, “Hey, okay, let me tell you about something that’s better than any gift or talent you can find. You can do all this great stuff, but if you don’t have love, it just doesn’t mean anything; you have no value if you don’t have love. And besides, love is the only thing that will outlast everything else.”

One Response to “What is Love?”

-cary- says:
February 23rd, 2009 at 7:08 pm


Awesome! You gave it a shot. Wow, I didn’t know the full extent of 1 Corinthians 13, but yeah, even more so that song is all the better. Daedeulus (however you spell it) on the AIR cd is Thrice’s “hit” on the whole project … I think AIR is … decent, I think you hit it on the nose, mediocre compared to the rest, yet, it is really better then a lot of music of that genre.

Anyway … get the other two. I didn’t really see a whole lot of Biblical themes on FIRE and WATER as there is on EARTH (the other being Child of Dust – that I noticed), however, the feel of each element is there. Also, these guys were so thorough that they added little tie ins and extra themes with each cd. Like, each last song represents a poetic aspect to the element in a raw way, as well the last melody is the same progression on each cd (musicians just eat this up).

Alright, I could go on, because I really love the Alchemy Index, but I will just leave off with saying my favorite song is the last on WATER, Kings Upon the Main. However, you may want to let the ones you have sink in a bit more before picking up the other …

Godbless good sir


p.s. I am still listening to 20/20, and I do like what I have been able to focus on. I need to put it in my car so I’m not just at home using it as background music