October 22, 2007 5:15 pm

6:11 – Woke up to alarm, sat up in bed, stared out the window into the night wishing I could lay my head back down
6:15 – finally motivated myself to get up and go to the shower
6:34 – got out of the shower, went downstairs to put on my shoes, sat on the stairs dozing
6:48 – roommate came down the stairs, I jumped up pretending like I had only been there a few seconds, went for a walk
7:00 – returned from walk, went upstairs for morning devotions with my housemates
7:30 – went up to the Fortress of Solitude for some time alone with Jesus
7:54 – came down, put on hoodie, realized I forgot to brush my teeth, took off hoodie, brushed teeth, put hoodie back on, stared in the mirror and dozed for a few moments
8:07 – left for work. Put on “Let’s Not Forget the Story” by Foolish Things. Good album. Decided to stop at McDonald’s for breakfast!
8:14 – arrived in drive thru, settled on a Sausage Egg McMuffin, Sausage McSkillet Burrito, and large coffee
8:17 – left McDonald’s $6.03 lighter, but with the delicious scent of coffee
8:27 – arrived at work, set my stuff down, went to my 8:30 all-hands meeting
9:15 – sat down at desk for the first time, checked email and received emails announcing the all-hands I just got out of, checked facebook
9:20 – prioritized task list and ate McSkillet Burrito
9:30 – went to daily stand-up meeting
9:40 – got to work on fixing task #1: intermittent mongrel timeout on the unstable server
10:15 – reheated the last bit of coffee (man I hate cold coffee)
10:57 – went to all-hands meeting with The Consultant
12:06 – sat down at desk again, checked calendar for the afternoon (meetings), decided not to work on task #1 anymore (too hard), decided not to work on task #2 (also too hard), checked facebook, thought about reheating Sausage McMuffin for lunch, read news
12:20 – started writing list of things I did today
12:30 – finished first half of list, reheated Sausage McMuffin and fixed a nice hot cup of tea (Irish Breakfast)
12:43 – decided to work on task #2 after all, researched some stuff about it on the Web-o-tubes
1:15 – went to my 1:00 technical discussion meeting when everyone arrived from lunch. the first tip that it was going to be a bad meeting was when I saw that 50% of the attendees were not technical people.
3:50 – left the meeting, having written down five interesting points in the first 40 minutes, no action items, doodled for 45 minutes, and surfed the web on my iPhone for 30 minutes.
4:01 – went to an all-hands meeting
5:02 – sat down at my desk again, having learned a few things, but overall just wanting to cry because I was so bored all day long and I didn’t get anything done.

Let me remind you about Acromania. I am wanting to wrap this thing up in the next few weeks in time to send you your prize for Christmas, so maybe I’ll do some speed rounds or lightning rounds. In fact, let’s start now: the winner for this week will receive double points!

Also, I have just installed a plugin which validates your humanity via some JavaScript. This will hopefully stop me from having to push my eyeballs past 300-400 comment spams every few days to make sure no actual comments slipped through. Let me know if it causes issues.

One Response to “What I Did Today”

indorphin says:
October 22nd, 2007 at 8:42 pm

You live an entertaining life. I spend more than six hours either trying to buy, or waiting to buy world series tickets.